East Texas home builder uses 3D technology to model future homes

TYLER, Texas — A Tyler area home builder is ditching the traditional 2D paper blueprint for 3D models.

Anwar Khalifa, president of Pyramid Homes is giving people a chance to not only build their dream home, but hold it in the palm of their hand with the help of his new 3D printer.

“I got a 3D printer for my birthday from my daughter and my family,” says Khalifa.

Although the gift is for him, it’s going to help his clients.

“It’s very exact,” says Khalifa. “When you get to see your home, you get to walk through it and kind of see how everything flows in your home before you even build it and it’s the exact scale of how your house this is going to be built.”

Some might think 3D printing is difficult, but Anwar figured it out in just a few weeks, and says this new technology will open up more possibilities for the future for the home building industry.

“They [clients] just think it’s just the coolest thing,” says Khalifa. “It’s just amazing, I think it’s a big game changer for our industry and what we do.”

COMING UP: A home builder in Tyler is giving people a chance to not only build their dream home but hold it in the palm of their hand.

I’ll show you how new technology is changing the construction industry in the 6 a.m. hour of #TheMorningLoop. 

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